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To return to the body of the document, click. Word adds "Page X of Y" numbering to the center of the footer. You are done with this procedure and can skip the remaining steps. To move these page numbers to the header, select the line with the page numbers.

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Press Control-X to cut the selection. You might want to delete empty lines that follow the newly inserted page numbers. On the View menu, click Print Layout.

Beginning page numbers on the second page

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  • Pages for Mac: Add page numbers in a Pages document?
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Pages for Mac: Add page numbers in a Pages document

How can we improve it? Send No thanks. Thank you for your feedback! In other words, if you create a new blank document, then choose Break on the Insert menu and select a Next Page Section Break, the document will thereafter consist of two sections: Material from the start of the document up through and including the break represents Section 1.

Page number troubleshooting

Material after that represents Section 2. In some cases, Word inserts Section Breaks automatically, such as when you change the number of columns in part of a document. Page numbers are usually a section property, not a document property. A page's number is determined by only two factors:. Just because a page has a number doesn't mean the number will appear somewhere on the page. Far from it. In fact, ALL pages have numbers. The number never appears unless you tell Word to display it.

Advanced Page Numbers in Word Mac 2011 2015

The easiest way to tell Word to display a page's number somewhere on the page is to insert a field code as follows:. Position the cursor where you want the number to appear. Often, this is the header or footer.

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To position the cursor in one of these locations, choose Header and Footer on the View menu or double-click the location in Page Layout view. Don't just type them. This will look as follows: Right-click anywhere between the braces and choose Update Field. It has no effect on Word's page numbering scheme. It simply tells Word to display the number of the current page at the field location.

As noted above, the page's number is dependent on:. This raises a question: The following big ideas are presented for extra credit only. Please see me after class if you're worried about your grades.

Beginning page numbers anywhere after the first page

If you want to make changes to the header or footer for Section 1 without having those changes show up in the header or footer for all other document sections, you must turn off this feature by viewing each header and footer and clicking the Same As Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar until the button is no longer depressed.