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For example, you use large, easy-to-read buttons to activate three-way calling and the speakerphone. The Treo also includes an invaluable hardware feature: a switch on top of the device puts it into silent mode. Unlike the other smart phones on the market, the Treo includes its own software for synchronizing information with a Mac.

The Palm Desktop software provides a place to store your contacts, appointments, tasks, and memos.

Palm Treao p. The phone comes with several presets, such as one for.

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Mac accounts, that help you set up the software. Although Windows users have enjoyed this capability for years, it has never made its way to the Mac or not very well, at least. FIX: Prerequisite. In the Modem drop-down select the appropriate Modem Script. Click Connect. NOTE: Many handsets will prompt the user to allow the dial-up connection on the device before the connection can be established. Also, the representative assured me that pre-blacklist connections would not be billed. The T-Mobile Blackberry rate plan includes unlimited tethered connectivity.

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I have one of the new Intel Dualcore MacBooks. On the other hand, I have been able to connect using bluetooth with the Mac OS. When I do this, I can download one webpage, and then web transfers slow to a crawl, and usually time out. I still have not tried using bluetooth with Windows XP, but I hope to try that as soon as I get a minute. Please let me know if you get the USB tether to work on the Mac.

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The main issue there will be keeping the USB connection live. On Windows you must run the Blackberry Desktop Manager in the background. No, not the 4. Anyone see a difference with this version? I used the generic USB drivers…. I have had the tmo curve for two months now.

The issues you are all encountering are not mac specific as I am using a pc with windows xp, and have found the same connectivity problems. Have to pull battery to get another 20 sec. The oddest part is that the day i set up my tethered connection i was able to stay online for almost two hours without interruption.

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After tens of hours on the phone with both BB and Rim support I was finally able to speak to someone in engineering who was aware of the issue. I was told that the problem lies in an error in a line of code within the BB operating system. I was told to wait for future software updates. Lame, yes! This site relies on JavaScript for complete functionality. Please visit with a JavaScript-enabled browser to enjoy all features.

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Connect to the Internet via BlackBerry With everything properly connected and configured, we are ready now to connect to the Internet. Within the Connections dialogue box, select the Bluetooth tab and populate the form fields with the following information: Telephone: wap. Security Specialist. WordPress Buff. FIX: Prerequisite Pair the device with the computer.

Select System Prefferences. Select Network.

Install the BlackBerry Modem Script

In the Show drop-down select Bluetooth. Click the Lock icon to change settings. Click the PPP tab. Enter the following information.