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I understood how to put it on ONE external hard drive.

I am a paranoid. I have several backups of my computer.


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I want several backups of all my pictures. This would however take quite a lot of time. Many thanks in advance, Best regards, Kevin. Gnits Senior Member. These backups are configured to include my Catalog stored on a dedicated internal SSD drive. I have all my images under a single Master Folder.

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I use Synch software to synch new or updated image files to a second internal disk and a third external drive. This is scheduled every morning. I manually sync after I import a lot of images or do an extensive editing session. I have stopped using GoodSync recently, because of usability issues with my workflow.

A checklist for buying an external hard drive for Mac

These work on Mac and Windows. Jim Wilde Lightroom Guru Staff member. Lightroom Guru. Premium Classic Member. Premium Cloud Member. Doing it manually by deleting the backup and recopying the entire data collection is pretty pointless, in my opinion.

How many external drives can I connect at a time to a new iMac?

In macOS Mojave, you need to enable the visibility of external disks. If Disk Utility lists the external hard drive in gray, then right click the drive and choose Mount. If drive is yet inaccessible, then select the drive and click First Aid. Click Repair Disk in case Disk Utility detects any issues. Try updating the operating system to fix subtle issues of external hard drive connectivity. But before that take backup of the Mac internal storage drive to avoid any data loss.

After recovering the inaccessible data, erase the drive to fix any logical issues. Finally, restore the recovered data back to the external drive. If your external hard drive is not visible in Disk Utility even if you have chosen the Show All Devices in the View tab, then the drive may have undergone physical damage.

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You need to replace the inoperative drive with a new one. NOTE : To recover data from the dead hard drive, get in touch with a data-recovery service provider. The blog highlighted common reasons with troubleshooting strategies to recover external hard drive not showing up on Mac.

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To perform any critical troubleshooting process, back up your drive. In case of data loss, do not lose hope. The software is available for free trial.

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Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system. He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More. CleanMyDrive 2 shows the storage bar for each of your external drives. Clean hidden junk. CleanMyDrive 2 cleans up files which are otherwise hard to get rid of.

Most of them are hidden. Others are visible, but hard to delete. And all of them mean trouble. What kind of hidden junk?

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When you use your external drives a lot on various devices, they store useless system info and old trash files, such as:. Copy files quickly to any drive. Drag and drop any file right into the app to copy it to the drive you want. Close, unplug, and go.

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Why stand around waiting for each drive to eject when you just can hit the Eject All button? Or even faster — a keyboard shortcut. Make your drive yours. Mac apps are meant to be fun, not just functional.

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Customize your disk icons in CleanMyDrive 2 to easily recognize every drive. Purchase a fun icon pack from our collection and make every drive look amazing. CleanMyDrive 2 speaks:. Don't take our word for it.