Smooth scrolling like mac on windows

You can also try to find similar options and enable it on your windows laptop.

SmoothScroll extension - Opera add-ons

Now I can enjoy smooth buttery scroll on my windows laptop, of-course it will not meet all features of macbook touchpad but it can give you little bit feel of macbook while scrolling. In this way you can get mac like scrolling in windows laptop. Now if you love to spend hours on internet like me, than I will like to share one chrome extension with you, which will convert your Google Chrome into Chrome on Mac.

Some of its features includes bouncing at the end of webpage, smooth scrolling etc.

Mac Like Two Finger Reverse Scrolling on Windows –

Just follow below given steps and get bouncy scroll like mac on your chrome browser. In this way you can easily get mac like scrolling in windows laptop.

How to get Edge like smooth scrolling in Chrome on Windows 10

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Smooth Scrolling: What is it and how to enable it on Windows 10?

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Then select the Scrolling tab. Check Smart in the Scroll Mode box. You should have a noticeable difference in smoothness in your scrolling now.

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I know I certainly felt it. Either that or the Placebo effect? SmoothScroll is a Chrome extension that makes scrolling much smoother in Google Chrome. Install and enjoy!

Windows Scroll Decrease

Shop smart! Source: Microsoft Answers.

The second solution is a utility called TwoFingerScroll. This application works for all Synaptics-based trackpads.