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For some reason, Microsoft considers all editions of Office for Windows as business products, no matter that some -- like Home and Student -- cannot be used for commercial purposes. At the same time it categorizes all editions of Office on OS X as consumer products. That's clear from Microsoft's policies. On its support lifecycle FAQ , Microsoft explains support for business and consumer software.

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For consumer software, meanwhile, it states: The speedy retirement of Office for Mac is not new: Users faced the same five-year support lifespan for Office for Mac , which was shut down in January Admittedly, that was over two years later than the original deadline. Microsoft extended support for Office for Mac to allow its users, many of whom relied on Visual Basic-based macros, time to migrate to the impending Office for Mac , which launched in October Office for Mac dropped support for Visual Basic macros, but that support was restored in Office for Mac They can also opt for a "perpetual" license of Office for Mac , the traditional kind that is paid for once, but can be used as long as wanted.

Customers, however, have less than three more years before Office for Mac falls off Microsoft's support list in January However, there have been many reports of the updater failing to install, resulting in a message saying that an updatable version of Office was not found.

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A small modification to the installer has been found an effective work-around see reference. Another widespread problem reported after SP1 is that Office files will no longer open in Office applications when opened double-clicked from the Mac OS X Finder or launched from other applications such as an email attachment. The trigger for this problem is that Microsoft in SP1 unilaterally and without warning deprecated certain older Mac OS 'Type' codes such as "WDBN" that some files may have, either because they are simply very old, or because some applications assign the older Type code when saving them to the disk.

Users have seen the problem affect even relatively new Type codes, however, such as 'W6BN'. Microsoft is apparently looking into the problem, but it is unclear if they will reinstate the older Type codes, citing security concerns. Another problem with cross-platform compatibility is that images inserted into any Office application by using either cut and paste or drag and drop result in a file that does not display the inserted graphic when viewed on a Windows machine.

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A user presented one solution as far back as December A further example of the lack of feature parity is the track changes function. Whereas users of Word or for Windows are able to choose freely between showing their changes in-line or as balloons in the right-hand margin, [21] [22] choosing the former option in Word or Word for Mac OS also turns off all comment balloons; comments in this case are visible only in the Reviewing Pane or as popup boxes i.

The only remedy for this problem is to currently disable Spaces, or at least refrain from using it whilst working in Office Apple has been informed of the problem, according to Microsoft. In addition, there is no support for right to left and bidirectional languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. Languages such as Thai are similarly not supported, although installing fonts can sometimes allow documents written in these languages to be displayed.

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At the same time, Office applications are not integrated with the proofing tools native to Mac OS X Microsoft Visio is not available for OS X. This means that any embedded Visio diagrams in other Office documents e.

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